Bridges of Hope Welcomes You!

Dan Zopoula

My team and I are glad you stopped by and I am excited at the opportunity to tell you more about what we do and what we can offer to you and your family. Finding a credible organization, setting up your own foundation, NGO, ministry or charitable activities, as well, managing projects, keeping administration cost acceptable, producing audited statements,  getting the right information and making connections across the world are incredibly important aspirations not to despair over. To our honorable partners, Bridges of Hope is the most helpful, resourceful and convenient venue to facilitate all that. You may have gotten the dream, but you do not have to carry it alone. People who do, do so at their own peril:  Your dream does not have to become a nightmare;  you do not have to do it all by yourself.  Discover the services we can facilitate for you here

The opportunity is noble and great: We invite you to  connect  with like-minded people, activities, projects and facilitating organizations such that would leverage your contribution. Click here for our mission statement   

Our organization promotes initiatives and ministries that provide poverty relief and community empowerment both in Canada and around the World. People, organizations and foundations that join our network benefit from various administrative and compliance services, income tax-deductible receipts to donors, payroll, group benefits, donations processing, audited financial statements, personal and leadership coaching, and management support and training. For our network of national and international charities, foundations, people, projects and ministries we go the extra mile to take care of your administrative needs, serving those that serve the poor, leveraging contribution to the nations.  Click here to join our network

The following information pages will help give you an overview of Bridges of Hope. We then invite you to go beyond these pages and personally meet some of our leaders and volunteers. The work is great, but the people are even greater! Bridges of Hope: We are all connected!

Our team is available to help make your journey more meaningful, enjoyable, convenient and successful. We look forward to hearing from you!


Daniel Zopoula
CEO, Bridges of Hope