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What is your vision? How can we leverage resources to accomplish your vision? Are you feeling called to donate to a cause?Are you planning to start  a new ministry or your own charitable foundation?  Do you champion a cause that drives you and you feel called to do something about it? Are you already running your own ministry or charitable foundation and are tired of the government’s red tapes?  Do you want to grow a donor base in Canada and USA and mobilize available resources to change the world?  

  • We engage people and communities in innovative solutions that are transforming their vision into reality: People  just like you. We alleviate burdens and extend your reach by applying a simple solution to your charitable vision. 
  • We serve Individuals, donors, churches, outreach agencies and organizations who need help to launch projects, as well, efficient administrative support.  We are the agency for donors and innovative social entrepreneurs in Canada, the USA, Europe and around the world.
  • We specialize in serving donors, teaming up with innovative social entrepreneurs and registered charities like yours, who dread the burden of managing and navigating all the changing guidelines and red tapes that the government requires. 
  • Creating, registering and operating your own NGO is a daunting task. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. From dream to reality, we'll help you get that dream off the ground and running like a well oiled machine. 
  • We have specialized in launching and  managing charitable  projects in canada and other countries around the world by navigating the challenging and costly process of registering, operating, auditing  and monitoring for results.    It is our business to help those who help others.
  • We have dealt with almost every situation before and learned what works. We can take the burden off your shoulders so that you can keep your focus on changing the world. Our solutions help to build stronger relationships with donors, win new ones, and accelerate growth.

Your vision matters. Take custody of it today.  Team up with Bridges of Hope. We have a team of expert standing by to learn about your project goals and to make your vision  a reality.




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