Nearly half a billion people living in extreme poverty will rely on charity forever. 






Charity does not work when it creates dependency. 




So, we unleashed the power of opportunity for people to transform their own lives, to move beyond charity.


We believe the noblest act of charity is that of unleashing the power of opportunity for others. 


What makes Bridges of Hope So Different?

Our Framework is revolutionary because it teaches donors to stop playing the hero in the story, and instead, invite customers into a redemptive story. Thousands of people, artisants and grass root cooperatives groups have pulled themselves out of diere poverty using our framework and operating system. But, how can you know if you are doing it right? The answer is to attend a workshop or hire one of our facilitators.


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At Bridges of Hope we know that you want to make a difference in the lives of others. In order to do that, you need a trusted partner to  give people a guaranteed opportunity to survive, thrive and create a lasting change for themselves and their communities.


The problem is, most charities create dependency rather than opportunities for people. Which leaves makes you feel frustrated and reluctant to give.


We believe you should have an effective partner you can trust that will create opportunities for people to transform their lives and their communities.


We share that value, that's why we guided over 20,000 people in over 23 countries out of the ashes of poverty by unleashing the power of opportunity.


Here’s how we do it. One: Choose your opportunity. Two: Donate with confidence and ease. Three: Become a Guide, See the impact


So, Donate Now. In the meantime, Download our free PDF  Ten tips you can steal from our biggest donors.. So you can end dependency and give people a guaranteed opportunity to survive, thrive and guide others to do the same, with dignity and purpose.


When connections happens, lives change immediately:


The Bowl

The Fund


The Circle

The Bowl is our emergency response to those in tears,
helping the helpless, cheering the fainting.

Crowdfund an opportunity and empower people
to transform their lives, beyond charity

Join a Network & Start your own foundation &
Build a better world.




We pioneer solutions to address global poverty and imagine a world where no human lives in survival mode.

Revolutionize Charity - Create sustainable solutions -  Enable people to transform their lives - Network to build a better World.