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About Boura Children's Center

Boura Children's Center is located in the small village of Boura, Burkina Faso in West Africa. It is a safe place for children that are in distressed situations due to poor income, sickness, or most commonly, death of the mother.

Boura Children's Centre provides these children with basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and shelter. Medical care is also provided by the Bridges of Hope Clinic located nearby.

We care for children between the ages of one month to two years old. The children are brought from all over Burkina Faso to receive the care and love that they need in order to develop and grow.

Through providing nutritious food, clean water, shelter, immunizations, and medical care, we are saving lives one child at a time!

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The Need

The annual budget for the Boura Children's Center is about $65,000 to provide the proper nutrition, health, hygiene, water, and facility costs.

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