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Boura Children's Center

Boura Children's Center

Boura Children's Center is located in the small village of Boura, Burkina Faso in West Africa. It is a safe place for children that are in distressed situations due to poor income, sickness, or most commonly, death of the mother.

Boura Children's Center provides these children with basic needs such as food, clothing, water, and shelter. Medical care is also provided by the Bridges of Hope Clinic located nearby.

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Medication for a month:


Provide medication for the entire orphanage for one month.
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Food for a Month:


Provide food for the entire orphanage for one month

Provide Meals

Provide Meals

Everyday families struggle to feed themselves and many go without any food at all. When one child gets one meal per day, they are able to go to school and learn what they need to be able to grow up with the potential to break this cycle and support their families.

For less than the price of a Smartphone, you can keep 1000 children alive and bring hope to their families in countries such as Burkina Faso.

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Provide Meals:


For 27 cents per day you can feed one child in Burkina Faso. For $27 we can feed 100 children. Our goal is to feed 1.5 million in the next several months. Won't you help us in our fight against hunger?

We promise to honor your generosity and use your donation in the most effective way possible. The needs shown in this catalog reflect Bridges of Hope projects at the time of writing and the suggested donation amounts are based on periodic surveys of the countries we serve. Each item is representative of the gift category in which it appears and donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most within that category or to address a similar need.

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