Is Nato going too far in Libya?

This week marks 100 days of the International Air Strikes in Libya, and now the mission has been authorised to continue for another 90 days. Nato forces have been hitting around 50 targets a day, but the rebels have struggled to take advantage of the coalition air strikes. ...Read More

Malaria trial results give hope to Africa

With close to 800 000 deaths each year, most of whom are children in sub-Saharan Africa, the first results of phase 3 trial of RTS,S/AS01 vaccine against malaria has brought about hope in protecting children and expecting mothers who are mostly vulnerable to the disease, if the results released on Tuesday are anything to go by. ...Read More

Ugandan woman recalls harrowing tale of captivity

What does a 22-year-old see when she looks at herself in the mirror? Evelyn Apoko sees a face marred by war, one that is jarring to others. Even she can't stand to look sometimes. ...Read More

Is the tide turning against the killing of 'cursed' infants in Ethiopia?

His top teeth came in before his bottom teeth. That is how elders of the Kara tribe determined that a healthy baby boy needed to be killed. ...Read More

Rwanda's children of rape

Between April and June 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days. Thousands of women were also raped. Sixteen years on from the genocide, Tim Whewell finds the horrors of those months have left their mark on a new generation. ...Read More

Child labourers pick cotton in Africa for Victoria's Secret lingerie

BENVAR, BURKINA FASO - Clarisse Kambire's nightmare rarely changes...... ...Read More
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