Map of Goma CongoAs the humanitarian crisis escalates in East DR Congo, about 250,000 have been forced from their homes. The following is an excerpt from an email sent from Timothy (who works with Bridges of Hope Canada).

"The situation here at home is catastrophic.  For now here in Goma, we have 5000 refugees who are in the camp MUGUNGA, 7000 at Kanyaruchinya and others spending overnight in churches and schools here in the city of Goma.
The camps of Mugunga is 15 km from the city and Kanyaruchinya is 7km from the city.
During this war we lost a pastor who has left a widow and 10 orphans.  God thank you for Bridges of Hope has found sponsors for four of the children and there are still six children who remain, and I'm sure they will have sponsors soon.
I wrote to Daniel showing the primary needs for these refugees;
1.   food
2.   clothes and children's blankets
3.   household objects
4.  medications
They are naked and deprived of everything,
We treat the sick but our clinic has no drugs."

How can you help?


As mentioned by Timothy, there is a tremendous need for food, textiles, household objects and medications. The best way to help with these immediate needs are to donate. If you would like to make a difference in this way, pleaseDonate Now click here .


Please keep DR Congo in your prayers as the crisis continues. Pray for peace for the country, pray for the people working for and with Bridges of Hope, and pray for the families that have been greatly impacted by this crisis. Pray for peace.


Sharing the needs and the problem is very important. Share this article with friends and family, and help raise awareness around the crisis in DR Congo.

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