Sponsorship FAQs

Little BoyI want to sponsor a child. What do I do?

It is easy to sponsor a child.  Simply click here to begin sponsoring today.  Or you may call our office at 403-380-3844 or toll free at 1-877-460-6036.

How much is a regular sponsorship of a child?

With a donation of $40 per month, you will help to make a positive difference in the life of one child. This can be done on a monthly basis by cheque, direct withdrawal or credit card, or you may choose to contribute on an annual basis. 

How much is SuperSponsorship?

SuperSponsorship begins with a one-time donation of $3000. This donation is directed to our micro, mezzo and macro financing programs and the interest realized becomes the source of funding for your sponsored child.

Where does my money go?

We work closely with our country directors to ensure that sponsorship donations are being used effectively to implement, monitor and administer our sponsorship programs.  Your donation will impact your sponsored child directly and also empower the community where your child lives.  Bridges of Hope operates and implements the program on a result base management model. 

How does my sponsorship work?

Graphic showing how it works.

What is Bridges of Hope's approach to child development and health?

Our global partners invest in the health and well-being of our sponsored children by not only covering their basic needs, but by providing educational opportunities, life-skills and vocational training and nutritional and healthcare support. We engage with children through our weekly children’s clubs to help bring physical, emotional and spiritual healing into their lives because so many children are suffering from the effects of poverty, war and disease.

Why should I sponsor a child with Bridges of Hope?

Because we are all connected! We are approachable, indigenous and authentic. We deliver results that are sustainable. We are led by people who have experienced the poverty that we are seeking to eradicate. Most people already know why sponsorship works: it is a win-win situation. The sponsor gains a window into the life of a child in a developing country and, also has the privilege of knowing that a child, the most vulnerable person affected by poverty, is being helped significantly. The sponsored child receives encouragement knowing that someone cares enough to help him and benefits from living in a growing community where families and community leaders are being supported in their efforts to make sustainable changes that produce healthier living conditions.

How long will my child sponsorship last?

We offer you the opportunity to stay with your child until the age of eighteen years or until the child finishes school. However, your sponsored child's circumstances may change; for example, his or her family may move beyond the reach of our program. We will inform you as quickly as possible if any such circumstance affects your sponsored child, and we will offer you the opportunity to support another child.

What happens to my child if I must discontinue my sponsorship?

We understand that life circumstances sometimes change, so if you find it necessary to discontinue your sponsorship, simply notify us in writing as soon as possible. We can then begin the process of finding a new sponsor for your child so that the support continues uninterrupted.

Can I choose my own child?

You can specify gender and country, or we will be happy to choose a child for you. Currently, we have children in several countries that are waiting for sponsorship. We have many people who sponsor two, three or more children.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Yes. Send your letter to our office in Lethbridge and we will forward it to your child, or you may email your child online.  Our Sponsorship Coordinator can provide you with guidelines. 

Child Smiling

Can I send my sponsored child a gift?

Yes,  however the items must fit into an envelope 5 ¾ " x 8 ¾ " or smaller.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes, you can visit your child through our Global Connection Experience. Many people have already visited their sponsored children and have found it to be an unforgettable experience. Please contact us for details.

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What if my banking information changes?

Please notify us by phone or email as soon as possible to ensure consistent support for your child.

What if my personal information changes?

It is important that you keep your current address updated with our office to ensure you receive correspondence, updates about your child, and your charitable donation tax receipt.

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