The BOHINDA Advantages

Bridges of Hope reduces manual administration costs and frees up resources to focus on mission-related issues.



  • In operations since 1996!
  • Highly qualified specialists
  • Corporate training programs
  • Annual auditing on compliance with world standards
  • More than 100 partners around the world
  • Over 1000 project staff and associate worldwide
  • Our Network is trusted to manage EU & UN  Programs 
  • Our Network  is home to award winners in Microbanking operations in Africa  and utilizing job creation to combat poverty 
  • Celebrated home of the Winner of the CBC Champion of Change Canada  
  • Proud recipients of the Manulife Volunteers Award 

Dedicated Staff & Experienced Professionals 

  • National Charity Specialist Auditor dedicated to conduct annual audit of the organization
  • Charity & Tax Specialist lawyer dedicated to assist with governments’ compliance issues
  • Professional accounting team and experienced staff dedicated to excellence 
  • Experienced Grant writers and Campaign Specialists dedicated to change the World
  • Committed campaign Cabinet
  • High Moral and Ethical Responsibility

Full Range of Services  

  • Customer-centered approach 
  • Flexible and customized services 
  • Constant client communication 
  • Punctual delivery of services 
  • Financial Inclusion, Social Mobility
  • Corporate chaplaincy and personal growth workshops for leaders 
  • Travel with us through our Global Connection Experiences & Guided Educational Tours


  • Efficient and accurate financial software used by non-profits worldwide
  • Get secured 24/7 access to  online account, monitor each transaction
  • Access the best fundraising software available
  • Customized personal donations pages, crowdfunding and special events

Cost Savings    

  • Utilize our Payroll & Benefits services, with the added advantage of medical and dental benefits, group insurance and optional RRSP.
  • Bridges of Hope is a smart solution. The financial and fundraising technology we offer would be cost prohibitive for the majority of ministries and would require IT support.  However, it is a key advantage you get with Bridges of Hope.
  • These services alone would be cost prohibitive for the lone individual or ministry to use on their own.
  • We offer these crucial administrative services to our network and participant organizations . 

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The Advantage of Leveraging

Our network is a strategic convergence of agencies, charities, foundations, and ministries. Our mutual support enables us all to further our goals.


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