Advocate ImageAnyone with a voice or a pen can be an advocate. Just start talking to those around you about the issues of today: poverty, AIDS, child trafficking, widows and orphans, street children, child soldiers, sexual exploitation, slavery, unsafe water, children not attending school, maternal death rate, refugees, human rights issues, justice.

The work of an advocate is so important and at Bridges of Hope we take the opportunity very seriously. If you live in a country where you are able to speak out and/or stand up against an injustice, then you should count it a privilege.  Furthermore, if you are able to find the time, people, and resources to stop that injustice from occurring, then we would go as far as to say you are responsible. Responsibility is simply your ability to respond, and we believe anyone who has an ability to respond, has a responsibility to do so.

You can become a Bridges of Hope advocate in your place of employment, church, sports league, club, home group, or with your friends and business associates. We will equip you with direction and guidelines, promotional materials, brochures, project proposals and other written literature.

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